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12 June 1981
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All things considered, I ought to update my profile. It's been a few years since my original post and I'm finding that one kind of meaningless.

I'm at a point in life where I'm setting up for the rest of it. Saving up for a house, trying to start a family, brainstorming my own business(es), and hoping to work from home to raise said family. I'm preoccupied with helping my hubby lost weight, and I admit to needing to lose about twenty pounds myself.

I'm also at a point in life where a lot of my past has stopped having power over my thoughts and attitudes. This was cemented when my ex, Ian, was convicted of pedophilia in the UK (July 26, 2008). He's hopefully facing similar charges here, but I honestly have no way of knowing. I've helped as many girls as I can come forward and give evidence to the FBI, but since I was never a victim that's really as far as I can go.

Most of what preoccupies me at this point is figuring out exactly what kind of person I am. To some extent I'm looking for labels, but I'm really more interested in what those labels mean. If someone calls me good, why? What behaviors, traits, mindsets, etc. do I have that make me "good"? That's probably a little too generic, but it's the right idea.

As such, comments and feedback are welcome on any posts. Most are just day-to-day activities updates, but every now and again I'll post something more insightful. Hint: they have a title more interesting than "Update". There's really not much more to say; anything else you want to know will have to be learned by reading.